Icon Ballcap


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Founded in 1988, Ebbets Field Flannels have become renowned for their ability to manufacture exact replicas of genuine mid-Century American sportswear apparel. Inspired by lesser-known independent league teams and dedicated to using original materials and techniques, the brand is committed to staying faithful to original designs. Ebbets Field Flannels has grown to become the finest producer of vintage American baseball attire.

The Knickerbocker Icon Ball Cap is an instant icon as a classic unstructured baseball hat. This variation in style features a brown leather back strap and is made words apart from your average twill. Similar salvage denim, this hat is meant to age well with time. The fabric is a shuttle loomed and sulfur dyed twill imported from Japan. Upon receiving the cap will be slightly stiff but we're certain the cap will break in and will instantly become your new favourite ball cap.


  • Unstructured Baseball Hat
  • Brown Leather Back Strap
  •  Shuttle Loomed and Sulfur Dyed Fabric